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  • Cotone


    Cotton is of great importance in the textile industry of the whole world, vegetable fiber. Cotton yarn is considered a very famous knitting material. We offer you Italian yarn of better quality and at a bargain price.

  • Alpaca


    The Italian alpaca yarn has the properties of sheep's wool, but is much lighter. No other type of yarn equals Alpaca yarn, especially if it is made from fibers taken from puppies. We are pleased to offer you all types of Alpaca yarn from the famous Italian manufacturers, on Filatitalia.com!

  • Merino

    Merino's Italian knitting yarn is made from the wool of a particular type of sheep, merino yarn is very appreciated all over the world. Famous Italian producers such as: ZEGNA BARUFFA, Lineapiù, Tollegno 1900, etc. are presented in our online yarn store!

  • Wool

    Wool yarn is made from natural textile fiber derived from sheep wool. It is quite fluffy and elastic. In our online store Filatitalia.com you can buy Italian wool yarn of the best quality.

  • Angora


    Italian yarn from Angora is of very high quality. The yarn is made from the wool of the Angora rabbit, very soft to the touch and also has a high rate of heat retention. We are pleased to offer you 100% of Angora yarn and blend with other types of yarn.

  • Silk

    Silk Yarn

    Italian silk yarn has a noble shine and in spite of its thin appearance it is very durable. You can buy Italian and Japanese yarn from silk of such brands as LORO PIANA, LANECARDATE, BOTTO POALA, HASEGAWA, etc. in our store of yarn FILATITALIA.

  • Linen

    Linen yarn is of plant origin, derived from the stalks of the same name plant. The main property of yarn is that it is incredibly durable. On our site Filatitalia.com you can find many incredible shades of Italian linen yarn.

  • Cashmere


    Italian cashmere is considered the best in the world. Italian cashmere yarn is appreciated both by clothing manufacturers and those who work by hand. We offer high quality knitting yarn at the best price.

  • Mohair

    MOHAIR YARN. Mohair Italian yarn is made from the wool of angora goat. The yarn is incredibly soft. There are several types of processing of this yarn - this is mohair usual, kid mohair, super kid mohair. You can always buy Italian mohair yarn of incredible shades on our website Filatitalia.com.

  • Lurex


    Lurex is a shiny thread that is used as a décor woven together with other types of yarn. This thread is made of aluminum, brass, copper, or nickel foil. Lurex yarn is produced in countries such as the USA, Japan, Italy, and so on. Many famous fashion houses use this type of yarn for their collections.

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