ARTEX history

Art Textile ARTEX is a commercial project that was born thanks to the combination of common ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit of two representatives of the Italian textile market, Green Line Srl and ARC Marche Srl. Using 20 years of experience of Green Line Srl in textile production and the talents of ARC Marche Srl in marketing with knowledge of the global textile market with the involvement of common material resources, they decided to create the best and largest European store of yarn and fabrics.

In May 2018, project managers begin to organize 2000 square meters of storage space. m. in the region of Marche, region Recanati, trying to create a competent and convenient logistics. At the initial stage of the organization of the warehouse, more than 500 articles of yarn are presented, from light cotton to warming cashmere and the Angora rabbit.

The project gradually attracts its first customers from Europe, the first orders come from Italy and Germany, therefore we are starting to build a courier delivery system not only in Italy but also to any city in Europe, as well as other countries. In order to spread our business, we conclude a contract with the leading European courier service. Considering the work done, it became necessary to increase the assortment of yarn in such a way as to guarantee each customer purchase the article he needs in our store.
During the 6 months of the test period, from autumn 2018 to spring 2019, customers from Italy, Germany, and Ukraine already buy Italian yarn in our online store.




Fashion yarn

Classic yarn